We consider ourselves to be in a partnership with your school system. We want to help you meet your student insurance needs and decrease the number of uninsured injuries to your students.

Many students enrolled in your school system currently have little to no health insurance. As such, districts generally use our programs:

  1. as a community service to families;
  2. to facilitate compliance with relevant sections of state law or Board policy where applicable;
  3. to lessen financial barriers and improve lower-income students’ access to extra curricular activities;
  4. to reduce the likelihood of otherwise uninsured School-related injuries and associated legal costs to the district.

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:


Scheduled Benefit & PND/CPO Plans Interscholastic Tackle Football Tryout Coverage
Blanket Accident Plans Short-Term 24 Hour Accident Plans
Catastrophic Accident Coverage School-to-Work Coverage

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